The Spoonbill Generator

Where Is It Going To End?

My old conveyor belt       [loaf ]

My signal box, my rolls of felt       [P ]

My powdered amethyst       [loaf ]

My list of women never kissed       [P ]

My clockwork lion-cub       [Roland ]

My locker at the tennis club       [P ]

My braces, purest silk       [Chevalier ]

My photograph of Acker Bilk        [P ]

My cake of lightweight soap       [loaf ]

My New Year's resolution: "Cope!"       [P ]

All this I leave to her       [Apsley ]

Her elevated boots       [loaf ]

Her hollers and her hoots       [F ]

Her abacus, unused       [loaf ]

Her plea for clemency refused       [P ]

Her broken lattice-work       [Apsley ]

Her love-child by a passing Turk       [loaf ]

Her sullen downcast look       [Chevalier ]

Her lobe pierced with a fishing-hook       [loaf ]

Her wish for lasting fame       [P ]

Her perfectly forgotten name       [Roland ]

All left to my chauffeur!       [P ]

Contributors: loaf, P, Roland, Chevalier, Apsley, F.
Poem finished: 15th March 2006 by loaf.