The Spoonbill Generator

The Death Wish List

When Doomsday comes, where will you be?       [F ]

Dodging the floods in the top of a tree?       [Roland ]

Or sheltering in your well-stocked cellar?       [Chevalier ]

Striving to swallow a lost umbrella?       [loaf ]

When the end is nigh, who will you save?       [P ]

Have you the pamphlet on How To Behave?       [loaf ]

And if you do, could I have a copy?       [F ]

I'd hate the Maker to think I was sloppy       [Chevalier ]

Before you're conceived, where can you hide?       [loaf ]

Twinkling away in the darkness inside       [Chevalier ]

The mind of God and awaiting release?       [F ]

A lifetime evading bright Satan's police       [loaf ]

After you die, where do you go?       [verduras ]

Rhyll would be nice, if there's not too much snow       [loaf ]

Are you made welcome by all your dead friends?       [P ]

Aeons of ecstasy ... that's how it ends       [loaf ]

Contributors: F, Roland, Chevalier, loaf, P, verduras.
Poem finished: 14th March 2006 by Chevalier.