The Spoonbill Generator

To Haunt Each Dervish Daily

I like the cut of your jib and the fact that you always vote lib       [F ]

I like the shine of your hair and that you never mind when I stare       [Chevalier ]

But when you start to attest that our sex life is now lacking zest       [F ]

I must reject your vile claim that I am the one to blame       [Chevalier ]

I hate the fact that you twitch whenever I sing off pitch       [F ]

I hate that you shout "More is less!" whenever I start to undress       [Chevalier ]

And why must you blaspheme as a way of letting off steam?       [F ]

Can't you just once in your life play the part of the decorous wife?       [P ]

I know you always try to look me straight in the eye       [Chevalier ]

I know, though, you're myopic and so I'll change the topic       [F ]

Have you seen my umbrella?       [P ]

Contributors: F, Chevalier, P.
Poem finished: 10th March 2006 by F.