The Spoonbill Generator

NB: In Memoriam

The blackest of shields by the light of the moon       [P ]

In eclipse       [Roland ]

The man with the metaphor kept in a spoon       [P ]

Cashed his chips       [Roland ]

And capered about like an ill-behaved loon       [TG ]

His exit was sudden; his echoing laugh       [Roland ]

Will be missed       [P ]

His woebegone hat and his mischievous scarf       [Roland ]

Will persist       [P ]

The mark of a man who did nothing by half       [Roland ]

His musical talents, his frightening bark       [P ]

Can't be gone;       [Roland ]

"A battle once fought, " he was heard to remark,       [P ]

"Lingers on"       [TG ]

Let us honour his name with a new National Park.       [P ]

Contributors: P, Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 9th March 2006 by Roland.