The Spoonbill Generator

Not A Proper Postman

More of me, and less of you       [loaf ]

Should elevate debate.       [will h ]

Silent in a distant pew       [loaf ]

I realized what I must do       [F ]

To catalyse your hate       [loaf ]

More of him, and less of her       [trad-ish ]

Is much to be desired       [loaf ]

Delete madam, insert sir       [F ]

And then, without the least demur       [loaf ]

Agree she should be fired       [F ]

Less of us, and more of it       [loaf ]

Is paradise, indeed       [F ]

Ignoring the banana split       [loaf ]

As undeserving of our wit       [Chevalier ]

As both prepare to bleed       [loaf ]

Less of they, and more of we       [radish ]

Could drive us round the bend       [loaf ]

In a wild, drunken spree       [F ]

Of folly and debauchery       [P ]

That prayer could never end       [loaf ]

Each of us, and one of him       [P ]

In penitential pose       [loaf ]

With basketfuls of cherubim       [P ]

Might satisfy a random whim       [Chevalier ]

As human history shows       [loaf ]

Contributors: loaf, will h, F, trad-ish, Chevalier, radish, P.
Poem finished: 9th March 2006 by P.