The Spoonbill Generator

Half The Time Left To Us

Have you met my little friend, Bip?       [F ]

He shan't outlive his span       [loaf ]

With his rather rickety hip       [Chevalier ]

Hand-crafted in Japan       [loaf ]

Have you met my queer lover, Max?       [F ]

He shan't gain entry here       [loaf ]

Unless he should tempt us with snacks       [F ]

Hand-crafted in Korea       [(trad - ish) ]

Just ignore that hanger-on, Bip -       [dkb ]

And enjoy what remains of your trip       [loaf ]

Contributors: F, loaf, Chevalier, (trad - ish), dkb.
Poem finished: 2nd March 2006 by F.