The Spoonbill Generator

Eating The Accountants Until Babbage Leaves

How we wonder, how we wonder       [(RT) ]

Which: to pillage, burn, or plunder?       [Kansas Sam ]

Whether 'rape' should grace our list       [loaf ]

'Pre' or 'post' we Three get pissed?       [Helen Owly ]

What gets broken, what gets broken       [Barry Foster ]

When a vow is left unspoken?       [loaf ]

Whether heart or whether head       [Chevalier ]

Lies, split in two, beneath the bed.       [loaf ]

Where is Peter, where is Peter       [Chevalier ]

With that hoary woman-beater?       [Apsley ]

Weather-proof or sodden through       [loaf ]

Yank his udder and he'll moo       [F ]

Where went Fester, where went Fester       [Helen Owly ]

In his indigo sou'wester?       [loaf ]

Whether he will show again       [Barry Foster ]

I'd like to give him back his pen       [jm ]

Contributors: (RT), Kansas Sam, loaf, Helen Owly, Barry Foster, Chevalier, Apsley, F, jm.
Poem finished: 16th February 2006 by F.