The Spoonbill Generator

Tithes Before Flamingos

If heebie has jeebies and hocus has pocus       [F ]

Let's head for the heartland and try hard to focus       [Chevalier ]

It's easy to finish, it's harder to start       [Jeff Foster ]

When the harem has scarem and Yin Yang's apart       [Helen Owly ]

Though mumbo has jumbo and hari has kari       [F ]

when gravity leaves us no burden we'll carry       [Jeff Foster ]

When hurly is burly, we ask will voo doo       [F ]

Loudly hanky and panky play who's in who       [Brenault ]

Now tinky has winky and crow has dow       [Luke W (BlueField) ]

The Boob Tube we're watching - with little to show       [Helen Owly ]

For itty has bitty and it's hunky dory       [F ]

Yet sing-song can't 'splain us why Connie has Maury       [Kansas Sam ]

No face has a place in the declining human race       [Drayce ]

We'll part broken-hearted, no trace of embrace       [Chevalier ]

So let's huff and puff and then teeter-totter       [F ]

When the heebie and jeebies are too old to totter       [Barry Foster ]

Contributors: F, Chevalier, Jeff Foster, Helen Owly, Brenault, Luke W (BlueField), Kansas Sam, Drayce, Barry Foster.
Poem finished: 14th February 2006 by F.