The Spoonbill Generator

Another Round Of Hand Puppets For Reelection

All is confirmed       [loaf ]

In this shabby forest       [Apsley ]

The worthless denial       [loaf ]

In lawyerly style       [F ]

Lonely, not chorused       [will h ]

Shall it be affirmed?       [F ]

Some are disturbed       [will h ]

In the caustic lobby       [loaf ]

The raging debate       [Chevalier ]

Of form inchoate       [loaf ]

Planar, yet blobby       [Helen Owly ]

And not to be curbed       [F ]

Under review       [loaf ]

In secret committees       [F ]

Mysterious plans       [Chevalier ]

For leaving out 'sans'       [Helen Owly ]

From sea-bording cities       [loaf ]

Within our purview       [F ]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, F, will h, Chevalier, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 26th January 2006 by Anon..