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Such Conditions As Warrant Swift Kickings By Magistrates

Your claws, My Dear, are half your charm       [Kansas Sam ]

But must you sink them in my arm?       [F ]

Your teeth, as well, allure, delight       [Kansas Sam ]

But why's it always me you bite?       [Chevalier ]

I ask these questions not to irk       [F ]

Perhaps, you have a fleeting quirk.       [will h ]

Which, by the way, is charming, too       [F ]

Much like the leopards in the zoo       [Chevalier ]

Your horns, My Dear, are works of art       [F ]

But must you stab them in my heart?       [Helen Owly ]

Impale them in my nether groin       [loaf ]

Whene'er I try to lick your loin?       [F ]

I ask these questions not to rile       [trad-ish ]

It's just my blunt ham-handed style       [F ]

To find out, ere things get much worse       [Chevalier ]

I'll have to rifle through your purse       [F ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, F, Chevalier, will h, Helen Owly, loaf, trad-ish.
Poem finished: 8th January 2006 by Chevalier.