The Spoonbill Generator

Aspire To Life

Big fish, tiny pond       [loaf ]

Small jail, giant bond       [Kansas Sam ]

Fat cat, feeble mouse       [loaf ]

Thin plan, mighty louse       [Kansas Sam ]

Top spin, underhand       [loaf ]

Low tide, high strand       [p ]

Hard cheese, easy meat       [loaf ]

Mean pest, nice'n sweet       [Kansas Sam ]

Loose tongue, tight-lipped       [will h ]

Dead-headed, bud nipped       [loaf ]

Maggot munches, nymph flies       [Chriss ]

Jolson crooning, Blue Skies       [Kansas Sam ]

Easy Street, hard times       [Chevalier ]

Running scared, walk-rhymes       [Roland ]

Bone dry, skin deep       [Kansas Sam ]

long wake, big sleep       [loaf ]

Striving onwards, softly creep       [Leigh Iles ]

Plain sailing, thorny steep.       [skub ]

Contributors: loaf, Kansas Sam, p, will h, Chriss, Chevalier, Roland, Leigh Iles, skub.
Poem finished: 12th December 2005 by Kansas Sam.