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Immaculate Threnodies by Augustan Bachelors

On Boscombe Down, where Keats was born       [loaf ]

Between the milkwort and the thorn,       [p ]

where in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn       [Lauren Baum ]

I trod on someone's former grave       [loaf ]

       [Lauren Baum ]

The poet of the Grecian Urn       [p ]

As later poets ought to learn       [Chevalier ]

Embraced all things which most men spurn       [p ]

And seldom liked to rant or rave       [Apsley ]

His shade was known for grace and guile       [loaf ]

Upon his lips a hint of smile       [Chevalier ]

When, as a doctor, for a while       [Apsley ]

He'd scrutinise the fairer sex       [Chevalier ]

His ectoplasmic periscope       [loaf ]

Gave some maids some cause for hope       [Apsley ]

And Keats confessed he might elope       [loaf ]

For things of beauty, like paychecks       [F ]

Across the Down, towards the cliff       [loaf ]

He went, in hopes he'd get a whiff       [Ventnor ]

Of mermaids' flesh; yet there, quite stiff       [loaf ]

He saw a disembodied hand       [Chevalier ]

Quite whose it was, or whence it came       [Roland ]

Provoked a Twenty Questions game       [F ]

Yet Keats, in searching for a name       [loaf ]

Did plagiarize a punk rock band       [F ]

"A Paler Shade of White", its 'plume       [Kansas Sam ]

As, turning cartwheels 'cross the room       [loaf ]

And weaving on some antient loom,       [Apsley ]

He span a wholly vapid yarn       [loaf ]

For Keats was never far from harm       [Apsley ]

In sea or swamp, in fen or farm       [loaf ]

When short a stock, or long an arm       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

'Twould incendiarise a neighbour's barn       [Chriss ]

Contributors: loaf, p, Lauren Baum, Chevalier, Apsley, F, Ventnor, Roland, Kansas Sam, Arnold the Sly Ape, Chriss.
Poem finished: 8th December 2005 by Chevalier.