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Troubles Because Of Bosoms

Puissant were her thighs that night       [Apsley ]

Which once had gripped so weak       [loaf ]

When Peagle sought to 'Try her out'       [Apsley ]

In fashion non-oblique       [loaf ]

As was his wont       [Apsley ]

Slowly, as his pelvis cracked       [loaf ]

And feet trod on the stairs,       [Apsley ]

Her wrists became an iron vice       [loaf ]

And gave his throat 'a tweak'       [Apsley ]

The way you don't       [loaf ]

Peagle felt a tinge of rage       [Apsley ]

Before his windpipe split       [loaf ]

Thereafter using signal flags       [F ]

In fashion demi-wit       [Apsley ]

He had his say       [F ]

Caustic was her curt riposte       [loaf ]

And withering, her sneer       [F ]

And Peagle had to count the cost       [loaf ]

Of getting in arrear       [Kansas Sam ]

From day to day       [loaf ]

Sapient witterings:       [Apsley ]

When Destiny says 'No',       [loaf ]

It's surely time to leave.       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, F, Kansas Sam, Arnold the Sly Ape.
Poem finished: 7th December 2005 by loaf.