The Spoonbill Generator

What A Nefarious Newcomer Might Not Instantly Perceive As Worthwhile Is Often Valueless

Drinking round the clock       [TG ]

And spewing round the town       [Roland ]

Wearing just a sock       [p ]

As a drunkard's crown       [loaf ]

Is now the emblem of our race       [TG ]

The pockmark on our shameful face       [p ]

On the harbour bar       [Roland ]

Speeding round the bend       [TG ]

And spilling in the ditch       [Roland ]

Trying to pretend       [p ]

You're rolling with the rich       [Roland ]

Is now the emblem of our race       [p ]

The hallmark on our tarnished place       [Roland ]

All besmirched in tar       [TG ]

Contributors: TG, Roland, p, loaf.
Poem finished: 22nd November 2005 by Roland.