The Spoonbill Generator

iPods Crafted From Rusting Spanners Or Similar

You think of these as scones       [Surlaw ]

In a game of chess       [Apsley ]

The brass against the bronze       [Surlaw ]

On her scarlet dress       [Apsley ]

The bishop takes the pawn       [Roland ]

With a hasty wink       [Apsley ]

The actresses, forlorn       [Surlaw ]

'Fore an empty drink,       [Apsley ]

Spit passion in the dusk       [Surlaw ]

And poison every rusk       [Apsley ]

As far as Inverness       [Surlaw ]

On the sands of Dee       [Apsley ]

We do no more than guess       [Surlaw ]

What her fate may be       [Apsley ]

The castle takes the knight       [Surlaw ]

In the upper left       [Apsley ]

Speed infecting spite       [Surlaw ]

For the quite bereft       [Apsley ]

Of anything but spleen       [Surlaw ]

And spirits o so mean       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, Roland.
Poem finished: 11th November 2005 by Surlaw.