The Spoonbill Generator

Gabriel, So Rotund

It's a wonderful life, to be sure       [Roland ]

Much better than licking a skewer       [Nigel Sly ]

So long as one's motives are pure       [Roland ]

It's never too late to take tea       [Chevalier ]

While sweeping away the debris       [Roland ]

So long as one's motions show glee       [Daelm ]

And thus, should our being persist       [Roland ]

To relish the joy of a cyst,       [Apsley ]

We sob for the pleasures we've missed       [Roland ]

In a black-strucken moment of panic       [wolis ]

The choice is depressive or manic       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

(Or even just boldly Hispanic...)       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Roland, Nigel Sly, Chevalier, Daelm, Apsley, wolis, Arnold the Sly Ape.
Poem finished: 11th October 2005 by Roland.