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Caramel Christmas

In this wise, the King of Thebes       [Apsley ]

Before his name was Mud       [Roland ]

Incited several hungry grebes       [Apsley ]

To gorge upon his blood       [Roland ]

And, in the grebe-land thereabune,       [Apsley ]

His pyramids, his pride       [Roland ]

Hand-carved from a selected dune       [Chevalier ]

Looked certain to subside       [Roland ]

and then the unwise king of thebes       [brower ]

(Before his name was Mud)       [p ]

Condemned the ballets of Délibes       [loaf ]

He called each one a dud       [Chevalier ]

And in the Salons of the Nile       [Roland ]

(If any such there be)       [Apsley ]

He spewed his unrelenting bile       [Roland ]

Into the retching sea       [Apsley ]

And so: before we fall asleep       [Roland ]

We will submit more crap       [F ]

More lines to make a curlew weep       [Ben ]

A Christian's patience snap       [Roland ]

Ignite the fires of Macedon       [Ben ]

Where Mud of Thebes had lain       [awrc ]

With all the pow'rs of Poseidon       [Apsley ]

Before the hurricane       [Roland ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Chevalier, brower, p, loaf, F, Ben, awrc.
Poem finished: 21st September 2005 by Apsley.