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Lucy Skeaping, queen of myst'ry,       [Apsley ]

Dye your shurt for me       [Surlaw ]

Shove it through the tomes of hist'ry       [Apsley ]

Purge my clemency       [Surlaw ]

In the newness of your trysting       [Apsley ]

Let me be your wrapping-cloth       [Surlaw ]

Or your ever-flapping moth       [Apsley ]

A-tumbling and a-twisting       [Surlaw ]

Play for me your antient musicke!       [Apsley ]

Croon Sephardic vowels       [Surlaw ]

I won't be a cold refusenik       [Apsley ]

Darken all my towels!       [Surlaw ]

In the boldness of demisting       [Apsley ]

Shammy with my winding-sheet       [Surlaw ]

Or amongst the blinding sleet       [Apsley ]

Go tumbling and a-twisting       [Surlaw ]

Lucy, Lucy, quite unwary       [Apsley ]

Lick my razor's edge       [Roland ]

Dance just like a Peatbog Færy       [Apsley ]

Pluck my reeking sedge       [Surlaw ]

In the CDs that you're listing       [Apsley ]

Track my movements on your sleeve       [Surlaw ]

Or, amidst the warp and weave,       [Apsley ]

Come tumbling and a-twisting !       [Roland ]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, Roland.
Poem finished: 20th September 2005 by Apsley.