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Charity Enough For Now

Action is as action does       [Roland ]

(Or so Jean-Paul opined)       [Apsley ]

It gave him not a little buzz       [Roland ]

And left him still entwined       [Apsley ]

Amid pale Simone's lissom limbs       [Roland ]

And novels by the score       [Apsley ]

While Camus wrote agnostic hymns       [Roland ]

That most folk found a bore       [Apsley ]

He played (in goal) while Nero slept       [Roland ]

(Or so Jean-Paul believed)       [Apsley ]

But proved uncommonly inept       [Roland ]

At diction that's received       [Apsley ]

And that is why, my darling boy,       [Chevalier ]

We venerate his husk       [Roland ]

And chant his apothegms with joy       [Chevalier ]

'Till all is drowned by dusk       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 19th September 2005 by Apsley.