The Spoonbill Generator

The Railway Couplet Detected

From the bottom of my foot       [Roland ]

Orson Welles inferred       [Apsley ]

I had trampled in his soot       [Roland ]

And not into his turd       [Apsley ]

So wise, and yet so wrong!       [Roland ]

To him I sang this song:       [Apsley ]

'When the chimney flares afresh       [Roland ]

Orson Welles beware!       [Apsley ]

Lest I trample on your flesh       [Roland ]

And in your rancid hair -       [Apsley ]

So wrong, and yet so wise!       [Roland ]

And so I poke your eyes...'       [Apsley ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

Range oneself as well one might       [Apsley ]

There is no end to appetite       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley.
Poem finished: 8th September 2005 by dkb.