The Spoonbill Generator


Russell Hoban, king of rhyme,       [Apsley ]

Rode the Piccadilly lime.       [dkb ]

To Green Park - and eek beyond -       [Apsley ]

'Til he came to Enders Pond       [Roland ]

Where he stopped, to snout about,       [Apsley ]

Ho for Piccadilly!       [loaf ]

In the pond a turtle sat       [Yonghy ]

Dreaming of a ziggurat       [Roland ]

From a sphinx at once compiled       [Apsley ]

In the belly of a child       [Roland ]

In the war-torn blasts and bombs       [Apsley ]

Ho for Piccadilly!       [trad ]

Not Miranda /always her -       [Apsley ]

Frozen motion, quick to stir       [Roland ]

In the pot of Caliban,       [Apsley ]

Brave new master, brave new man       [Roland ]

Russell Hoban to a T       [Apsley ]

Ho for Piccadilly!       [(trad) ]

Contributors: Apsley, dkb, Roland, loaf, Yonghy, trad, (trad).
Poem finished: 8th September 2005 by Apsley.