The Spoonbill Generator

Help! Aunt Potter Stole My Neckerchief

Trust me with your pudding store       [Apsley ]

And I shall name a price       [Roland ]

For paying which I'll call you 'whore'       [Apsley ]

And, dressed as Rachel Weisz       [Roland ]

In a wedding-dress of white,       [Apsley ]

I'll weep the livelong night       [Roland ]

Such an offer comes not twice       [Apsley ]

In fact, it comes not once       [Roland ]

To those who sup the nether spice       [Apsley ]

From donkey, dog or dunce       [Roland ]

For this some do most every night       [Apsley ]

In a wedding-dress of white       [(trad) ]

On the wind this offer comes       [Apsley ]

If come along it will       [Roland ]

And, an it come, 'twill wave its thumbs       [Apsley ]

And move in for the kill       [Roland ]

And, all in all, I think it right       [Chevalier ]

In a wedding-dress of white       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, (trad), Chevalier.
Poem finished: 23rd August 2005 by Roland.