The Spoonbill Generator

Fields Of Everywhere

His secretary's teeth were sown       [Roland ]

In the hem of her old ball-gown       [Apsley ]

Small wonder she stood alone       [Chevalier ]

And thought aloud of what she'd done:       [Apsley ]

My floor is not a storey       [Roland ]

Tony Blair is a Tory       [Nigel Sly ]

His story has a flaw       [Roland ]

Under international law       [Chevalier ]

His secretary's teeth were sewn       [Roland ]

In peasant style, roughly hewn       [Chevalier ]

With boulders, rocks and stones,       [Apsley ]

As she stood alone, regretting bygones       [Chevalier ]

My pastry is not a shoe       [Big Andy ]

Tony Blair has no clue       [Chevalier ]

What to do       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, Chevalier, Nigel Sly, Big Andy.
Poem finished: 10th August 2005 by Chevalier.