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Farewell, My Lively Oystercatcher Nymphs

Heading off to sunny climes       [Beefy ]

She tells herself a thousand times       [P ]

That Paris isn't France       [Beefy ]

But as the steamer dims the tide       [Roland ]

She feels her carapace divide       [P ]

In adamantine dance       [Roland ]

And, as her gauzy wings unfurl,       [Beefy ]

More opalescent than the pearl       [Roland ]

She flitters in the breeze       [Beefy ]

Beleaguered with an exile's joy       [Roland ]

And, as the steamer rounds the buoy,       [Beefy ]

It quaffs the seven seas       [Roland ]

As the water level drops       [P ]

She starts a tale that never stops       [Roland ]

Until the break of day       [TG ]

When all the locks are quarter-full       [Roland ]

And subject to the Moon's dark pull       [TG ]

Or sunlight's falt'ring ray       [Roland ]

She gathers in her woollen cloak       [TG ]

The raw ingredients of the joke       [Roland ]

And moderates her tone       [TG ]

Then, with her faulty map at hand       [Roland ]

She sets off Eastward down The Strand       [TG ]

In all respects alone       [Roland ]

Envoi:       [TG ]

Her journey nears its end       [Roland ]

Before it's half begun       [TG ]

And thus, we recommend,       [Roland ]

Seek solace in the sun       [TG ]

Contributors: Beefy, P, Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 8th August 2005 by Roland.