The Spoonbill Generator

The Stranger Butler

The end is the beginning, subtly changed       [Beefy ]

By necromancy, or by other skills       [P ]

Employed by those whose numbers are arranged       [Beefy ]

In pairs. With knowledge of a world beyond       [P ]

This mortal vale, whose omnipresent ills       [Beefy ]

Beset us all, the brunette as the blonde       [Roland ]

He stares. The evening star begins to blaze       [TG ]

Until, with scorching, heaven is defiled       [Roland ]

Before the throng who stand and mutely gaze       [TG ]

Indifferent, as a misfit's maudlin child.       [Roland ]

The end is the beginning, now returned       [TG ]

by dire Combustion, to this mound of ash       [Roland ]

Consigned by those who chortled as it burned       [TG ]

In blank, obseqious parody of chance       [Roland ]

A votive offered to the great god Cash       [TG ]

And goddess Commerce, locked in savage dance       [Roland ]

Each night. The gravid moon begins to rise       [TG ]

Until, with weeping, all the air is drowned       [Roland ]

And portents dire, emblazon'd 'cross the skies       [TG ]

Ecstatic, as we blankly gather round       [Roland ]

Contributors: Beefy, P, Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 8th August 2005 by TG.