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Mine Shaft Mendicants, Their Oath

If I told you how I feel       [Beefy ]

Now that summer has been sold       [P ]

Would your senses all go number       [Beefy ]

At a stroke. Future tenses       [P ]

Will reveal the wiser folk       [Beefy ]

If I swear I shall not laugh       [P ]

Turn a shoulder hard and cold       [Roland ]

To the pushing of the boulder       [TG ]

From the brink: then our senses       [Roland ]

May be wiser than we think       [TG ]

Thus, when times are harsh       [Roland ]

And our friends are growing old       [TG ]

It's the Primate who pretends       [Roland ]

Ancient lore. Such pretences       [TG ]

May reveal a richer joke       [Roland ]

Contributors: Beefy, P, Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 25th July 2005 by TG.