The Spoonbill Generator

For The Draining-board That Survivors Clutch

Step this way, you man o' war,       [Apsley ]

Dispossessed by time       [Roland ]

And draughts of brine       [Apsley ]

That went before       [Roland ]

Pure turpentine       [Apsley ]

Was mine       [Roland ]

Dispossess the rank heiress       [Apsley ]

Daubed with foetid slime       [The Empty Vest ]

Or pints of wine       [Apsley ]

That matter less       [Roland ]

Than Ghibbelline       [Apsley ]

Divine       [Roland ]

Daub again another fresco       [Apsley ]

Daunting in its rhyme       [Roland ]

With curve and line       [Apsley ]

That Manon Lescaut       [Roland ]

Did well opine       [Apsley ]

Was thine       [Roland ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, The Empty Vest.
Poem finished: 22nd July 2005 by Apsley.