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The Sanskrit Kirk Railings

Just a taste of sunshine       [Apsley ]

With a stiffer brush       [Roland ]

Polishes the midline       [Apsley ]

Down the Hundu Kush       [Roland ]

Into distant places       [Apsley ]

Far beyond the mind       [Roland ]

And its drear oasis       [Apsley ]

Far enough behind       [Roland ]

For us to find       [Apsley ]

Let us call for Judas       [Roland ]

In the sultry heat       [Apsley ]

Orpheus imbued us       [Roland ]

With black olives sweet       [Apsley ]

Honey, muscadillo       [Roland ]

Taste upon his lips       [Apsley ]

Like a well-soiled pillow       [Roland ]

Complete with raspberry pips       [Apsley ]

Among the slips       [Roland ]

In the rainy morning       [Chevalier ]

Sponging down the blinds       [Roland ]

And the purple awning       [Apsley ]

Using lemon rinds       [Roland ]

Is the kind of action       [Apsley ]

Decent folk abhor       [Roland ]

And a keen attraction       [Apsley ]

To the folk next door       [Roland ]

Whom we abhor       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 5th July 2005 by Roland.