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Liturgically Challenged Papists Vainly Seeking Pomp

Her velvet trousers, on the bed       [Roland ]

Next to her jaunty gaucho hat,       [Will H ]

Beside the hollow of her head       [Roland ]

Lie ready       [Beefy ]

She wonders if, in Argentina,       [Will H ]

She will tango in the pampas       [F ]

To rhythms from a FordŽ Cortina       [Apsley ]

Unsteady       [Roland ]

When Springdale Playhouse staged Evita       [Will H ]

She espoused the left of stage       [Apsley ]

Where her beau had pledged to meet her       [Beefy ]

Impassive       [Roland ]

That night, as she made moves for bed,       [Apsley ]

I took the jaunty gaucho hat       [(trad) ]

And tore it up, shred from shred,       [Apsley ]

Aggressive       [Beefy ]

She wonders if her beau, in passion       [Roland ]

Would taverse the desert plain       [Copperjock ]

In hope of finding next year's fashion       [Beefy ]

In Paris       [Apsley ]

Or navigate a waste of shame       [Roland ]

In search of rugged gaucho pants       [Beefy ]

Whose lack might only feed the flame       [Roland ]

Or harass       [Apsley ]

Dissembling, in a former life       [Roland ]

Had led her spouse a merry dance       [Beefy ]

And sadly irked his other wife       [Roland ]

Rebecca       [Beefy ]

For whom a busman's holiday       [Roland ]

Led her then to Hitchcock       [Apsley ]

And from there, onwards to Man Ray       [dok ]

Two-decker       [Roland ]

At which we conclude...       [Apsley ]

Her velvet trousers, on my wall       [Roland ]

Looked down upon the cuckold-bed       [dok ]

To memorise the secret fall       [Roland ]

Evita!       [dok ]

And as her ringlets fall away       [Roland ]

She lays her head alongside mine       [Copperjock ]

Unfinished, as the pundits say       [Roland ]

It's neater       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Roland, Will H, Beefy, F, Apsley, (trad), Copperjock, dok, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 1st July 2005 by Roland.