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Always Downfallen

The mood, in Hitler's bunker       [Roland ]

Seemed less gay that April night.       [will h ]

The Führer had looked drunker       [Roland ]

When his shade had been less white       [Apsley ]

His wrists were ripe for shaking       [Roland ]

(Or just putting in a sling)       [Apsley ]

Until, all else forsaking       [Roland ]

He drank his underling       [Apsley ]

Across the Iron Curtain       [Roland ]

Eva's breasts were creamy white       [Horatio ]

No-one felt uncertain       [Roland ]

That they'd always shine so bright       [P ]

Her lips defied conjecture       [Roland ]

They sucked at each man's soul       [P ]

Like dugongs in a deck-chair       [Roland ]

Like magnets to the pole       [P ]

At Stalingrad, I fancy,       [Roland ]

The cold had warmed some hearts       [Helen Owly ]

Since the thrill of necromancy       [shorts ]

Chastised the frozen tarts       [Apsley ]

Before the sight of silence       [Roland ]

Besmirched the precious lamb       [Apsley ]

We abnegated violence       [Roland ]

And marinaded ham       [Apsley ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

Heil yourself, you autocratic louse       [Copperjock ]

And don't expect a welcome in this house.       [loaf ]

Contributors: Roland, will h, Apsley, Horatio, P, Helen Owly, shorts, Copperjock, loaf.
Poem finished: 29th June 2005 by Helen Owly.