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Saul Bellow Cloudringed By Nymphs

In his JeansŪ, stood Jasper Johns       [Apsley ]

Alert, yet not awake       [Roland ]

To all that beckons there in Mons:       [Apsley ]

Across the reeking lake       [Roland ]

Dwelt flocks of wild rampaging swans       [Beefy ]

And mild, impassive hake       [Roland ]

He gazed until the sky turned bronze       [Beefy ]

For dear old Nancy's sake       [Apsley ]

Against the dying of the light       [(trad) ]

Dylan Thomas crew       [Apsley ]

As dusk fell on the Isle of Wight       [Roland ]

And all the world turned blue       [Beefy ]

We mingled with the sheepish droves       [Roland ]

And wild, ingressive moors       [Apsley ]

Less mimsy than the borogoves       [Roland ]

And safer out of doors       [Apsley ]

Stymied by opposing oils       [Roland ]

Raphael did fume       [Apsley ]

Knowing that his weary toils       [Beefy ]

Corrupted half the room       [Roland ]

As though entrapped in serpent's coils       [Beefy ]

Plato then did weave       [Apsley ]

A tablecloth depicting boils       [Roland ]

Upon his bloated sleeve       [Apsley ]

Beyond the orbit of the skies       [Roland ]

Blake sat all alone       [dok ]

A thousand angels thronged his eyes       [Roland ]

Perceiving the unknown       [dok ]

And like a pebble from a pond       [Roland ]

His parchment drew the dawn       [Apsley ]

And lingered on a world beyond       [Roland ]

Where bishops pushed a pawn       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Beefy, (trad), dok.
Poem finished: 13th June 2005 by Roland.