The Spoonbill Generator

Doughboy Graduates

Cookies and biscuits, crackers and buns       [F ]

Plunging through space towards far-distant suns       [Beefy ]

Guacamol', salsa, fondue and dip       [F ]

This is the way to provision a ship!       [Beefy ]

Quarters and nickels, dollars and cents       [F ]

Hardly comprise a fair recompense       [Beefy ]

Truffles and caramels, pralines and fudge       [Will H ]

Melted together make sweet-tasting sludge       [F ]

Doubloons and guineas and pieces-of-eight       [Beefy ]

Kept under my bed in a locked wooden crate       [F ]

Flattery, persiflage, waffle and tripe       [Beefy ]

We're enamored of spin, devoted to hype       [F ]

Boots and trunks, bonnets and hoods       [Beefy ]

Are eagerly doffed when we're in the woods       [F ]

Krone and lira, rials and francs       [Beefy ]

Are hoarded in multinational banks       [F ]

Bitter and lager, porter and stout       [Beefy ]

Are better than wine with my sausage and kraut.       [will h ]

Contributors: F, Beefy, Will H.
Poem finished: 4th May 2005 by F.