The Spoonbill Generator

Blimey, Guv

Dear, pour me out a single cup of tea,       [dkb ]

Kept from the free-form verse that you espouse,       [Apsley ]

Whenever Winter , fraught with glistening ray       [Roland ]

On hovering mote, doth adumbrate the dawn       [Apsley ]

And fleeting snowflakes decorate our lawn       [dkb ]

'Tis then that we, with joy, shall gather here       [Beefy ]

The sundial notwithstanding, to propose       [Roland ]

Such schemes as would the list'ning gods amaze       [Beefy ]

And demons baffle; such absurd conceits       [Roland ]

As might a Behemoth to Reason bring       [Apsley ]

In silent, sad agreement; then, at last       [Roland ]

Before the milk of human kindness sours,       [dkb ]

Its ample harvest curdled in the jug       [Roland ]

Thou shalt my cup, my spoon, my saucer be.       [dkb ]

Contributors: dkb, Apsley, Roland, Beefy.
Poem finished: 3rd May 2005 by Anon..