The Spoonbill Generator

Future Species Will Not Tolerate Hotels

If the Sun was to die today       [Copperjock ]

Dermatologists might groan.       [will h ]

But we, whose skin is always fair,       [Beefy ]

Can leave the orb alone       [Roland ]

to whither up and blow away       [Copperjock ]

Our chaff; to dust our brooms       [Roland ]

And venture through the chilling air       [Beefy ]

Beyond our waiting tombs       [Roland ]

If the Moon was to fly away       [Yonghy ]

Apologists might claim       [Roland ]

That they, who feel the tidal pull,       [Beefy ]

Would Ne'er to Dance Again.       [paul ]

Let fly, ye stars!       [Roland ]

And rain on Mars       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Copperjock, will h, Beefy, Roland, Yonghy, paul.
Poem finished: 20th April 2005 by (trad).