The Spoonbill Generator

Cultural Divides

I watched a ritual of the Baluchistanis;       [Will H ]

Strange glottal cries and shuffling dance       [Beefy ]

With tasselled toes and feathered fannies       [will h ]

(Now all the rage in France)       [F ]

I could not hide my awe and admiration       [Beefy ]

I whooped as each flame licked me on the spit       [Kansas Sam ]

This livened up the congregation       [Beefy ]

(You see, they too were 'lit')       [F ]

I looked to see the High Priestess approaching       [Beefy ]

Nearly naked save for jewels and plumes.       [will h ]

I knew I needed special coaching       [Beefy ]

(I'm new at making fumes)       [Helen Owly ]

"Turn the spit!" I cried. "My backside's overdone!"       [F ]

The priestess frowned and brushed my chest with honey.       [will h ]

I knew that spit must soon be spun       [Helen Owly ]

(Or I'd be upside sunny)       [F ]

I wondered if the world would know my fate       [Beefy ]

Or would my gnaw-scarred bones alone attest       [will h ]

And pond'ring that, heard "Grab a plate!"       [Helen Owly ]

(Was this a tasteless jest?)       [F ]

Contributors: Will H, Beefy, F, Kansas Sam, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 31st March 2005 by will h.