The Spoonbill Generator

Four Times Four Is Tonic

So ... how to subvert the Age of Consent?       [Roland ]

And bring in the Age of Unreason?       [Beefy ]

How to indulge every evening of Lent       [Roland ]

Determined not to relent or repent       [F ]

Unless Nefertiti's in season       [TG ]

'I'll show you,' the virgin coyly declared       [Roland ]

Ascending the staircase in splendour,       [Apsley ]

Shyly concealing which options were bared       [Roland ]

And coaxing this bard to upend 'er       [Kansas Sam ]

As Thoth had so boldly him dared       [Apsley ]

Gomorrah, they say, was never so strange       [Roland ]

As those who would damn it proclaimed       [Beefy ]

Just townfolk attempting to broden the range       [Will H ]

Little they knew how their town would be famed       [Beefy ]

For seeking of Sodom a culture exchange.       [will h ]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, F, TG, Apsley, Kansas Sam, Will H.
Poem finished: 31st March 2005 by Roland.