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Bertrand Of Nimes In Anguish

Halitosis hit me as he cut my hair       [Apsley ]

Wish I'd stayed in bed       [Surlaw ]

For just another dreamless hour       [Apsley ]

With the full-term freight of my head       [Surlaw ]

In a flowery bower       [Apsley ]

Over there       [Surlaw ]

For I cannot now repeat       [Apsley ]

The imposing gasp       [Surlaw ]

Of inward tasting of old air       [Apsley ]

Of rusty lock and hasp       [Surlaw ]

Condemned to foul disuse       [Apsley ]

In the street       [Surlaw ]

Now, beyond the scraps of Monday, lies my life       [Apsley ]

In which unending appetites are rife       [Surlaw ]

And rend and tear       [Apsley ]

Both hen and hare       [Surlaw ]

For such is strife       [Apsley ]

With wench or wife       [Surlaw ]

Eliot grasped for me, keen       [Apsley ]

To pound my extremities flat       [Surlaw ]

Into the flower-garden of memory -       [Apsley ]

Where nothing is wholly ephemery       [Surlaw ]

Except for the names of his cat       [Apsley ]

Impractical, slightly obscene       [Surlaw ]

And wholly mad, as his dear queen       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw.
Poem finished: 28th March 2005 by Surlaw.