The Spoonbill Generator

Eye-Flavored Scrutiny

Prodigiously attractive       [Roland ]

My daring darling Red       [Kansas Sam ]

If only you would look my way       [Beefy ]

All shyness could I overcome       [Helen Owly ]

And proffer my regard       [Beefy ]

I might find all that I've lacked, if       [Will H ]

You heeded what I said       [Beefy ]

If only you gave time of day       [Helen Owly ]

I would seek to know wherefrom       [Will H ]

You got my business card       [Beefy ]

These glasses, so refractive       [Helen Owly ]

That all who wear them squint       [Roland ]

Are nonetheless a fashion "must"       [Beefy ]

On planets yet to be explored       [Roland ]

Beyond the blackest hole       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Roland, Kansas Sam, Beefy, Helen Owly, Will H.
Poem finished: 18th March 2005 by Helen Owly.