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I Would Rather Not Serve Rice

I might not swallow more than once       [Roland ]

I fight not grovel, silver sconce       [Mackenzie ]

I won't by promise be a dunce       [Alana ]

Just as long as you serve me lunch       [Lindsay ]

Your hope and faith I shall not crunch       [Jackie Toth ]

Unless, of course, you don't give me brunch       [Mike M*C*i*t*c* ]

Food is a most glorious thing       [Mackenzie ]

Unless cash registers go cha-ching       [Caleb ]

If it doesn't I'll shall sing       [Kelly ]

or i shall say nothing       [paul ]

Wisdom is higher than a fool can reach       [Mackenzie *** ]

I hope you don't turn into a leach       [Andrew **man ]

And laze all day around the beach       [Beefy ]

Or end this verse with a resounding screech       [Karin ]

Cats are funny as bunnies       [Mackenzie ]

And prized by sundry honeys       [Beefy ]

This poem is oh so funny in the sunny       [Kristin ]

It will cost a lot of money       [Mackenzie *** ]

I might not swallow more than twice       [(trad-ish) ]

As long as a roletwo on the dice       [Kyle Talyor (I rock) ]

Will bring the man who has to pay the price       [Beefy ]

So I can eat some rice.       [Adam Fosbenner ]

To be or not to be.       [Adam*line ]

A giant bummblebee       [Kyle Taylor: I still ]

That is the question       [(trad) ]

Contributors: Roland, Mackenzie, Alana, Lindsay, Jackie Toth, Mike M*C*i*t*c*, Caleb, Kelly, paul, Mackenzie ***, Andrew **man, Beefy, Karin, Kristin, (trad-ish), Kyle Talyor (I rock), Adam Fosbenner, Adam*line, Kyle Taylor: I still, (trad).
Poem finished: 18th March 2005 by Karin.