The Spoonbill Generator

Plans For Vacillation

I think I might go out today       [Beefy ]

But then again, I might stay in       [F ]

It's really very hard to say       [Beefy ]

And so, I Sit 'n Spin       [Helen Owly ]

I think I might resign my post       [Beefy ]

Or maybe not. I'll wait a week       [Will H ]

I'll leave it for a month at most       [Beefy ]

Then with my guru speak       [F ]

I think I might enjoy some wine       [Will H ]

Or is it beer I really crave?       [F ]

I'll nurse a gin ere I opine       [Kansas Sam ]

(But first I'll check with Dave)       [F ]

I think I might have seen a ghost       [Beefy ]

Although it might have been a sheet       [F ]

I'll eat a slice of buttered toast       [Beefy ]

No, ponder ere I eat       [Helen Owly ]

I think I might compose a song       [F ]

Or write a poem, at the least       [Beefy ]

Hmmm.... Humming? - do the notes belong?       [Helen Owly ]

Not till all noise has ceased       [Beefy ]

Aha! My day is now unveiled!       [Helen Owly ]

Though, come to think of it, it's dark       [Beefy ]

And have I won or have I failed?       [F ]

It's hard to make a mark       [TG ]

Contributors: Beefy, F, Helen Owly, Will H, Kansas Sam, TG.
Poem finished: 24th February 2005 by Helen Owly.