The Spoonbill Generator

The Frictionless Vol-au-vent

This is now       [Kansas Sam ]

A situation, up with which I will not put       [Evan ]

Ask me how       [Beefy ]

I most prefer to shoot myself in foot       [Helen Owly ]

On a dhow       [Apsley ]

Sailing by       [Roland ]

Tate Modern, onto which I will not climb       [Apsley ]

Ask me why       [F ]

This word without a 'b' can form a rhyme       [Kansas Sam ]

If not three       [Apsley ]

Witches' brew       [Beefy ]

A soup of which I won't be any part       [Kansas Sam ]

Ask me who       [Roland ]

Was first to put the horse behind the cart       [Beefy ]

In a zoo       [Kansas Sam ]

Near South Ken       [TG ]

A place of which North Barbie oft abuts       [Helen Owly ]

Ask me when       [Beefy ]

I realized that I was dating sluts       [F ]

Like most men       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Evan, Beefy, Helen Owly, Apsley, Roland, F, TG.
Poem finished: 16th February 2005 by F.