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Skin For Us Those Infidel Shareholders

An agéd man in green I saw       [Apsley ]

Beside the Batmobile       [Kansas Sam ]

Cats were thronging round his jaw       [Apsley ]

Defining his appeal       [Beefy ]

Especially to those from Thrace       [Apsley ]

Where beauty is a scratch-ed face       [F ]

He tipped his hat; I saw his pate       [Kansas Sam ]

In sev'ral shades of blue       [Beefy ]

Jackals longed with ardent hate       [Apsley ]

To tear the man in two       [F ]

And caper in his overcoat       [Roland ]

Of which Madame Blavatsky wrote       [F ]

Now, when I see a stranger's face,       [Beefy ]

I get verklempt, and then       [F ]

I hover, in a state of grace       [Roland ]

And scratch my Barbie's Ken       [Kansas Sam ]

The while my face glows brighter red       [Beefy ]

Poor slighted Barbie cries in bed       [F ]

So those who spurn the alphabet       [Roland ]

Disdain that silly soup       [F ]

Consoled by thoughts that, never yet       [Beefy ]

Get thunk to please no group       [Helen Owly ]

And, in conclusion, learn this well:       [Beefy ]

Mousse is both pudding and hair gel       [F ]

Contributors: Apsley, Kansas Sam, Beefy, F, Roland, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 9th February 2005 by Kansas Sam.