The Spoonbill Generator

Drive-By Morality

So how ya doin', Mrs. Knapp?       [F ]

You unconvincing fool       [Roland ]

I understand you caught the clap       [F ]

Last Saturday, at school       [Beefy ]

Now you scratch yourself incessantly and like a dimwit drool       [F ]

Why thank you kindly, Mr Coxe       [Roland ]

You antisocial ass       [Beefy ]

I hear your wife pelts you with rocks       [F ]

But she, so vilely crass       [Roland ]

Declines your pleas to tease your hair and spank you with a bass       [Kansas Sam ]

Not so! said Coxe to Mrs. Knapp       [Evan ]

My understanding wife       [Beefy ]

Will often dance upon my lap       [F ]

And blunt my carving-knife       [Roland ]

Visits to the marriage-counseler diminishes our strife       [F ]

Then Mr Knapp and Mrs Coxe       [Roland ]

Saw 'bliss' instead of 'plight'       [Kansas Sam ]

And climbed into an ancient box       [Beefy ]

One dark and stormy night       [F ]

And proved that now and then two mighty wrongs can make a right       [Beefy ]

Contributors: F, Roland, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Evan.
Poem finished: 8th February 2005 by F.