The Spoonbill Generator

Systemic Gouda

Stale cheese croutons in my jar       [Apsley ]

Sing of better times       [Beefy ]

I wonder where my marbles are?       [Grayman ]

I contemplate my crimes       [Roland ]

While slouching at a dingy bar       [Beefy ]

Recalling warmer climes       [Evan ]

And Rosie's tender kiss       [Beefy ]

Much younger then, w' wavy hair       [Evan ]

And buns near-made of steel       [Helen Owly ]

That made me think I walked on air       [Apsley ]

(Sometimes I'd cop a feel)       [F ]

We'd neck for hours, without a care       [Beefy ]

And often miss a meal       [F ]

With Rosie, life was bliss       [Beefy ]

We set the date (I couldn't wait!)       [will h ]

June, the twenty-first       [Evan ]

At the Solstice we would consecrate       [will h ]

And wedded, slake our thirst       [Karin ]

By speeding on Love's Interstate       [Kansas Sam ]

Until the rubber burst       [Beefy ]

Oh, Rosie do not hiss!       [F ]

We had been married but a year       [Beefy ]

When Rosie sprang the news       [F ]

It nearly made me spill my beer       [Beefy ]

(I reached for harder booze)       [F ]

She'd fallen for a bombardier       [Beefy ]

How had I missed the clues?       [F ]

How had it come to this?       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Apsley, Beefy, Grayman, Roland, Evan, Helen Owly, F, will h, Karin, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 3rd February 2005 by F.