The Spoonbill Generator

Sixty-five Degrees

If you squeegee my windshield, I'll scour your pot       [F ]

Her whispered proposal seemed naughty and hot.       [Will H ]

Not.       [Beefy ]

If you'll vacuum my duct work, I'll clean out your gutters.       [Will H ]

What do they mean, these words that she mutters?       [F ]

Nutters!       [Beefy ]

If you shampoo my carpet, I'll hose out your shed       [F ]

Unless we can plan something better instead.       [Beefy ]

Bed?       [F ]

If you tickle my fancy, I'll massage your feet       [Amy H. ]

Shouldn't we first get something to eat?       [F ]

Neat!       [Beefy ]

Contributors: F, Will H, Beefy, Amy H..
Poem finished: 1st February 2005 by F.