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Puberty Before Breakfast

Chastising priests becomes a sport       [Apsley ]

When betting on the winner       [loaf ]

Yet much amusement can be found       [Apsley ]

In concert with the sinner.       [will_h ]

And, as a happy afterthought,       [Beefy ]

The devil can be drowned       [Roland ]

Invoking Dis can cause alarm       [Beefy ]

When Norfolk's not your county       [Apsley ]

And those that answer to your call       [Beefy ]

Will snare you as their bounty:       [Apsley ]

Unless you wish to come to harm       [Beefy ]

Just learn to play the ball       [Apsley ]

Appearing drunk is always fun       [Beefy ]

When bosses through the pavement       [Apsley ]

Peer awkwardly and call your name       [Beefy ]

And ask what your mate Dave meant -       [Apsley ]

Tell them "Watch for number one!"       [Beefy ]

(That's usually the goalie)       [Grayman ]

Engender peace where e'er you go       [Evan ]

Or else we'll punch your lights out       [F ]

We're the good guys, so it's okay       [Beefy ]

Yes, fair play is turnabout       [F ]

We want the evil folk to know       [Beefy ]

There are no shades of gray       [F ]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, will_h, Beefy, Roland, Grayman, Evan, F.
Poem finished: 28th January 2005 by Beefy.