The Spoonbill Generator

The Christmas Milkmen

And here are the pictures       [Kansas Sam ]

Along with the negatives       [F ]

(Though nobody picked yours.)       [will h ]

And here are the chiclets       [F ]

Along with a few tic-tacs       [will h ]

(Now ration them wisely)       [F ]

And here are the victims       [Beefy ]

Along with the owners       [Kansas Sam ]

(Now tell us which is which)       [F ]

But there, were the tricksters       [will h ]

With their scams and illusions       [F ]

(Box-tops hit pay-dirt)       [Kansas Sam ]

But there, were the hepcats       [F ]

With their skat and their doo-wop       [Beefy ]

(Not for the faint of heart)       [Karin ]

But there, were the mangos       [F ]

With their seeds a-glistening       [Beefy ]

(Best eaten in the bath)       [Grayman ]

So, where are the cheetahs       [Beefy ]

Once the pets of royalty       [will h ]

(And both a dying breed)       [F ]

So, where are the dealers       [Beefy ]

Dr. Feelgood, for instance       [F ]

(With powdered happiness)       [(trad-ish) ]

So, where is the finis       [F ]

This stanza, perhaps       [Karin ]

(I do believe you're right ;-)       [F ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, F, will h, Beefy, Karin, Grayman, (trad-ish).
Poem finished: 27th January 2005 by Karin.