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My tension's most unmenstrual,       [Apsley ]

Which comes as no surprise       [Beefy ]

Knitting soothes me (hence to wool);       [will_h ]

While hormones rage, I act the fool       [F ]

With shadows in my eyes       [Roland ]

My honking's most unseemly       [F ]

Which aggravates the Pope       [Beefy ]

The Swiss Guards will de-flea me       [F ]

Or else he'll never see me       [Beefy ]

(I must dry-clean my cope)       [F ]

My sniffing's most annoying       [Beefy ]

Which means I'm left alone       [F ]

To sit here, idly toying       [Beefy ]

In this privacy, enjoying       [F ]

My small vibrating phone       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Apsley, Beefy, will_h, F, Roland.
Poem finished: 25th January 2005 by F.