The Spoonbill Generator

Trap For Attractive Babes

Could you possibly close your sweet mouth as you chew?       [Kansas Sam ]

And refrain from picking your aquiline nose?       [F ]

when the wind blew i suddenly knew       [Anca ]

You're a fine one to talk, with your cigarette smoke       [Beefy ]

Inexplicably billowing out of your ears       [F ]

Do you not see that everyone thinks you're a joke?       [Beefy ]

Would it be too much trouble to bathe once a week?       [F ]

Spraying cheap scent all over just isn't enough       [Beefy ]

Me oh my, you appearance is bleak       [Achim ]

You're a fine one to talk, with your skin breaking out       [Beefy ]

Sprouting white pustules, as mongrels sprout fleas       [Kansas Sam ]

Such an oilysome scalp, it could do with a spout       [yoxi ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

An envoi! - The last word is yours:       [asdf ]

Babaloo       [F ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, F, Anca, Beefy, Achim, yoxi, Roland, asdf.
Poem finished: 24th January 2005 by Surlaw.