The Spoonbill Generator

Embonpoint Sandwiches

Globe and Jerusalem, we venerate       [Apsley ]

Asphyxia       [Roland ]

Strutting down the street       [Beefy ]

Apoplectically unaware       [Apsley ]

Synaesthesia       [TG ]

We seldom meet       [Apsley ]

It's easier that way       [TG ]

Built from the finest cheese from Edinburgh       [Apsley ]

Phylloxera       [Beefy ]

Sizzling on her bra       [Apsley ]

Cholerically unamused       [Beefy ]

Euthanasia       [asdf ]

Against the law       [F ]

It's neater that way       [Beefy ]

Should you find the preceding slightly cryptic       [F ]

You're clearly an uneducated dipstick!       [Beefy ]

Moral:       [Apsley ]

Always wear your decoder ring       [F ]

In preference to that other damn' thing       [Sol Mazzeroth ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Beefy, TG, asdf, F, Sol Mazzeroth.
Poem finished: 16th January 2005 by Apsley.